Email to fax

ExtraFax Cloud allows customers the ability to send faxes from any standard email software, such as Outlook, or via web based email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

Please follow the steps below, using the email service of your choice, to send a fax using the ExtraFax Cloud email to fax service:

1. Verify your allowed senders

In order to link your email address with your ExtraFax Cloud user, the email address you would like use to submit faxes from needs to be an ‘Allowed Sender’ in your settings.

The email address you used to register with ExtraFax Cloud is automatically added as an allowed sender, however any number of allowed senders can be added through your account.

Allowed Emails Window

To manage your Allowed Senders, please log in and select ‘Advanced Settings / Outgoing Options / Allowed Emails’.

2. Compose an email and verify the destination number

On a basic level, in order to fax from email, start by open a new mail message and in the ‘To:’ field of your email simply enter the correctly formatted fax number followed by the extension ‘’.

Send Fax Window

The extension ‘’ allows the submission to access our servers, however the fax number itself can be formatted in a number of ways depending on where the fax is being sent from, as well as its destination.

For further information regarding the correct formatting of fax numbers, please visit the support section - here.

3. Add your message and/or attachments

There are a number of options for adding content to be faxed:

  • Enter the content to be faxed into the message body directly.
  • Attach standard files such as ‘.DOC’ or ‘.PDF’, without text in the email body.
  • Attachments are then faxed in their order of attachment.
  • Fax both the email body text and attachment(s).
  • Type your text, attach your document(s) and add ‘/b’ (forward-slash b) to the end of the email subject line to include the email body text as a first (cover) page.

For a complete list of supported file types, please visit the support section here.

4. Send your fax

Once you click send, your email is sent to ExtraFax Cloud where it is automatically converted into a faxable format and sent to the destination number specified.

Outgoing faxes you have sent by email look just like regular mail items in your sent items and you can receive confirmation email messages with the success/failure status of the fax transmission.

Additionally, you can log in and view your outgoing fax queue using the ExtraFax Cloud control panel.

5. Following the progress of your fax

Please log in to the ExtraFax Cloud online control panel and click on the ‘Sent Items’ tab, this will show a list of all sending and sent messages, the details of each transmission and advanced options for individual messages.

Sent Items Window

6. Advanced Email-to-Fax Features

ExtraFax Cloud offers a variety of advanced features such as deferred fax transmission, page orientation, resolution adjustment and more. For further information please see the support guides here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my fax has been delivered?

There are two ways to verify the status of your fax;

Firstly, you can log in to the ExtraFax Cloud control panel and navigate to 'Sent Items', this screen will tell you whether the fax has been processed by the ExtraFax Cloud system, if it is currently being sent and the status of the sending attempts.

Secondly, you can check your email for an automatic notification, you can set your preferences to receive confirmations upon failure, success, always or never.

There is also an advanced option for account managers to receive emailed scheduled summaries of all faxes sent by all users, this report gives you excellent control over your company's faxing activity. You can receive this report in various formats (ASCII/CSV/HTML) for easy import into any analysis packages.

How can I send a cover page or both the email body and attachments?

By adding /b to the end of the subject line of your outgoing mail (forwardslash b), both the body of your email and the attachments will be sent by fax. By default, only the attachments are sent if included in your email (Only the body is sent if there are no attachments). You may then use the body of the mail as a cover page to your faxes.

Can I defer sending of a fax?

Yes, simply add /d and the date and time to the end of the subject line, like this: /d 2002-11-23 12:34 where the date is in yyyy-mm-dd format. Or you may add /d and the time only, in which case the current date will be assumed, like this: /d 20:34.

This feature is very useful for sending out fax broadcasts at off-peak hours, when receiving fax machines are more likely to be available.